American Children

And the kids play, too…

A Concert the whole family will love:

Katonah Village Library kids. So sweet…

If  your looking for a program that features the ideas like acceptance of cultural differences, loving your pets, picking up litter, and humane treatment of livestock, (as well as learning to say your sorry), you should book Marc immediately.  His sense of humor and his ability to make his audience feel good about themselves while still delivering important messages make his presentation perfect for a library or school show.

after a recording session at a local school

Many of his original songs blur the line between adult and children’s entertainment. When Pete Seeger heard Marc’s song,  American Children, he immediately labeled it “a beauty”.  It became the title track to a CD which Marc produced and which won the American Library Association award for Best Children’s Album.

The tune also became the theme music for a daily children’s show on WNYE in New York City.


The Dinosaur Dance. A dance of fearlessness and joy

The Dinosaur Dance. A dance of fearlessness and joy

For once, we had an engaging, enriching and educational program that both the teachers and students enjoyed. Marc Black’s musical presentation on learning history through music was fun, energetic and gave students the opportunity to experience U.S. history from the 1950’s forward. Students shared their enthusiasm with clapping and singing and how fun watching teachers perform the dances of the decades. I highly recommend Mr. Black for your students.

Kathy Mellette
Earhart Edison Exploration
NHMS Directed Studies
Gainesville, Georgia

Dear Marc,
Thank you for the wonderful program you presented for our library on June 19, 2013. The music was wonderful. It was unique that you allowed the audience to actually touch your guitar as you did a song that went with each person. I liked all your music, but was especially touched by the words of the last song… how much I hope that our children will have those thought in their lives.

Linda Chandler
Children’s/Adult Outreach Librarian
Fort Lupton Public and School Library
Fort Lupton, Colorado


Here are a couple videos from some recent library shows…

Don’t Be Mad At Me:

If you’re looking for a program that can excite kids and still genuinely entertain their parents, Marc has both the experience and the talent to fill the bill.
Blue Suede Shoes/Longmont Colorado:


Marc also leads songwriting workshops just for kids:

These workshops can be tailored for songwriters, young and old, beginner and advanced.  Marc’s techniques build confidence and keep the magic and fun in songwriting.   Younger groups will often compose a song altogether, record it in mp3 format and then send it as an email to themselves and their friends.

Playing for some school kids in Pensacola, Florida

“Marc led the 3rd grade kids in a songwriting workshop.  They wrote a song altogether, and then sang it and made a recording.  They had so much fun. They must have talked about it for a month!” 
Michele Rappi, Katonah Elementary School parent

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