Pictures of the HighwayPICTURES OF THE HIGHWAY
12 beautifully crafted songs, presented in a seductive tapestry of grooves and instrumentation – reminiscent of Randy Newman and Tim Hardin. As the great Happy Traum puts it, “Deep grooves, excellent back-up playing, and top-notch guitar and vocals…Marc’s songs are timeless.” Marc draws from the depth of his life stories for lyrics of wit and intelligence. The kind that reveal themselves over time. And whether it’s the sultry opener, ‘Red Lite’, or the laugh out loud, ‘I Love You Rachel Maddow’, Marc’s vocals are soothing and clear, adding a rich texturenever getting in the way of the song. This is music to be felt and heard in many contexts. Perfect for driving, dancing or just hanging out with the music Most of this collection was recorded in California with Jay Bellerose (drummer on the Alison Krauss/Robert Plant CD) and Jennifer Condos on bass. Marc also gets assists from Steve Gadd, Mark Goldenberg, Sloan Wainwright, Don Davis (Microscopic Septet), Jeremy Black (Apollo Sunshine) and many other players, all with the skill and subtlety to help present this high level of craftsmanship.

Stroke of GeniusSTROKE OF GENIUS
This CD carves something beautiful and human out of life’s rawest emotions.  In the words of Parisian reviewer Phil Demetrion, “Right from the first track, Marc’s emotion-filled vocals, complemented by the crystalline singing of Art Garfunkel, embark on a melodic exploration that takes the listener on an odyssey, shimmering with humor and light. The songs of Stroke of Genius ring with a universal harmony.”

Just fun…

Donning African robes, striped psychedelic shirts and sun glasses, here come The Funky Sex Gods.  Psychedelic funk smashed head-on into roots rock and gave birth to the Marc Black Band…a classic group who’s pedigree includes bringing the theramin to rock, playing lead guitar for the original Blues Magoos, drumming with Bob Weir.

Dark Light Dark - Marc Black and the Accidental OrchestrasDARK LIGHT DARK: Marc Black and The Accidental Orchestras
It’s not about learning the music. It’s about finding yourself in the music. Finding a resonance where your voice and the voices of those around you speak in their natural harmony. This is the approach we’ve taken in the creation of this music. The players were coached in feelings. Words. Dreams. The themes were stated simply, as you’d express a topic for conversation. Or a meal to be shared and enjoyed. The sessions took place in landfills, studios out in the country, studios in California, studios in New York City and garages in the suburbs. The musicians would stand in a circle under the sun, in the corners of rooms or in separate rooms connected only by sound. The situations were all chosen to help the music surprise us. And it did. The genre spectrum on this disc is rather wide, but to us it feels like one road trip over time and space. We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we did.

This cd is full of sly grooves and dreams. It features Warren Bernhardt (music director for Steely Dan) producing and on keyboards, Gary Burke (currently with Joe Jackson} on drums and Jay Anderson (recently with Joe Sample) on upright bass. Some of the tunes sing the praises of family events like weddings and bar mitzvahs while others give thanks for the blessing of fabulous groupies…”they never sang no songs, but they taught the band to play.”

Flood of TruthFLOOD OF TRUTH
This is a cd single that chronicles how Hurricane Floyd affected Marc’s current hometown, Katonah, New York. All proceeds are donated to the victims of the flood.

Everything spilling into everything and it’s all somehow ok… songs and sounds, growls and coos, noise and nonsense. This is Older Than Dirt. To quote Dirty Linen, “Marc’s lyrics are clever yet unpretentious, simple yet poetic, introspective but not esoteric.”   And this CD actually spilled onto John Shaefer’s New Sounds program, WNYC in New York City!

This CD won the American Library Association Award for Best Children’s Album of the Year. Produced by Black Market, it combines the talents of many great artists including Richie Havens, Taj Mahal, Peter Schikele, John Sebastion, Rick Danko, and Maria Muldaur. The title cut, composed by Marc Black and Ed Bialek was adopted by the Board of Education radio station in New York City as their theme song.

This recording was voted best independent release in the Hudson Valley by the Pougheepsie Journal. The entire album is a duet with Marc on vocals, acoustic guitar and percussion and Betty MacDonald on violin. One piece features the poetry of the 12th century illuminated Persian poet, Rumi.

This collection was released on the legendary ESP label and is now included in their catalogue in the Smithsonian. Accompanying Marc on this cd are many jazz and pop luminaries including Jack DeJonnette, Don Davis, Jennifer Condos, Shayne Fontaine, Bishop O’brien, and Mark Egan and Michael Ruff. available from ESP.

This is an ambient /experimental cd that reached number nineteen on the CMJ most added song chart. This CD is times when only ‘out there’, experimental music will do.  The band here goes by the name, King Chubby.

One of the few independent productions that has ever received a pick hit in Billboard magazine. This band was based in Woodstock, New York and had a reputation as being “unpredictable and brilliant” according to the Woodstock Times.. The great record man, John Hammond, called one of the tunes on the record “a minor masterpiece.” available in vinyl. limited editon.

The Blades of Grass Are Not Meant for SmokingTHE BLADES OF GRASS ARE NOT FOR SMOKING
Marc’s high school band, the “Blades Of Grass,” scored a top forty hit, “Happy”. This disc originally came out on Jubilee Records and was re-released on CD through Cherry records last year. Original pressings are hard to find.




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