From Tunisia to Seattle, it’s been quite a year…

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The swirling energies of our world have carried me and my guitar from the Atlantic to the Pacific this year.  And my imagination all the way to Tunisia.  Stylistically, on the other hand, I’ve been very close to home;  drawn to the music that I connect with the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York.  Fingerpickin’ to an easy back beat.

I’ve collected ten songs that are resonating with me and recorded them in a few studios, all within a couple miles of Woodstock.

I hope you think my music adds something good to your life…and that you’ll want to download this latest collection of recordings.  I appreciate your support and look forward to bringing you lots of new music throughout 2012.

I’m singing about thing that are close to my heart, and may be close to yours, as well…

Our environment…No Fracking Way and I’ll Be Gone, have become anthems in the fight against hydro-fracking.  Clean Up Man praises Pete Seeger’s obsession with a cleaner environment.  And Praises to the Sea is a reminder that water is the source and sustainer of life altogether.

Universal rights…Sometime a Spark tells the story of Mohamed Bouazizi, the Tunisian fruit peddler who started the Arab spring and changed the world.  Three days after I posted it on Facebook, it was featured on Tunisian State Radio.

Our unique Hudson Valley groove…especially when folks like John Sebastian, Warren Bernhardt, Happy Traum, Eric Weissberg, Steve Gorn, Mike Esposito, Don Davis and Eric Parker join in.

Singing with Amy Fradon…I’m sure you’ll enjoy our romantic duet on Pretty One, a tune we’ve loved to singing together for many years.

The only place, and the only way, these recordings are available is right here:

Ten songs for ten bucks and we keep it all rollin’.


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