America, there’s no place like it.

Monday, October 17, 2011
i’m in salt lake city
and you?
everything is connected.
there are no secrets
oh my god….really?
mountains are dramatic
shafts of sun
biblical for those who like that kind of stuff
ok…there are some secrets
but only to those who choose to see with the kindness of a blind eye

Here we are. Right here. By the Bear River in Wyoming.



This road trip is now one week full of fascinating people, scenes, generosity, spirit, music and joyous meals.

Pennsylvania featured a sunset house concert in an open garage.  Tie die sheets hung behind me, fracking trucks in the distance attacking the breath taking tender beauty of the Allegany Mountains.  So American.  Earthy and grounded.

A lunch stop in Pittsburgh with an dear friend from my advertising scoring days.  We worked together in California on some beautiful projects.  It took him almost four years to find this job in Pittsburgh.  But now he has, and it’s a perfect fit.  Reminder:  hope is good medicine.

On to St. Louis where the excitement of the baseball playoffs is palpable.  Saw another friend from the advertising world.  He’s now on a very personal spiritual journey and shared that with Susan and me over lunch.

In Cincinnati  we stayed with a 31 year old brilliant musician who has made music therapy his life’s work.  He spends almost every day bringing miracles to dying people.  The miracles that are found in embracing life as it is with compassion and imagination.  His home and family were as colorful as his work.

The endless fields of Nebraska brought us dinner with a dear old 1970’s Woodstocker, Richard Schroeder, and a confrontation with a Tea Party person who swore to me that Mr. Obama is paying each person who’s taking part in the Occupy Wall Street demonstration $650 per week!  (Wow, where do I sign up?).

On to the drama of Colorado.  Mountains that ask you for reverence and wonder.  Played a show at a wonderfully eccentric road house called Steve’s Guitars in Carbondale.  Stayed with great folks in Carbondale and Loveland.  And then, at almost 9,000 feet above sea level, I experienced the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya in honor of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche at the Shambala Mountain Center.  It liberates upon seeing.  (I feel good and I knew that I would…James Brown.)

Now with family in Salt Lake, then on to the badlands of Idaho.




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