Angels on the edge of our world, ready to help us fly…

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Those of us who are not angels are forced to rely on the kindness of those who have already earned their wings.  Especially when traveling.  As I embarked on a 747 to begin my seven week adventure to California and beyond, I was taken in hand by just such a creature.

When boarding the plane, I was told that there was no way my guitar or my overstuffed suitcase would fit.  I was walking and mumbling about how my guitar is older than most of the people on the plane and needed TLC.  Claudette could be psychologically damaged if she had to ride in the unpressurized belly of this flying monster.  Bottom line, however…I was losing this argument.

Angel on the edge of the material world, ready to fly.

I guess angels can feel when you’re in need, because that’s when he appeared.  He wore a cherubic half smile and a white apron over his black pants, white shirt and tie.  He said simply…’follow me’.  And I did.  (You can see from the fuzzy photo that he is only partially located in our material plane)

He showed me his secret place for guitars between the last row of seats and the wall in business class.  And then we went to the closet where the flight attendants keep their bags and my bag fit just fine!

I’m feeling like the heavenly hosts have blessed this trip.  Staying with my son in San Francisco tonight, than off to Santa Cruz for a show.  Saturday night, it’s my birthday and a Burning Man Party where you know who will be on fire.

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