Auspicious (almost spooky) happening in the Holy Land

Friday, April 26, 2013

Funeral Bima at Kibbutz Gezer

When I checked into the Youth Hostel in Jerusalem, I checked my email.  The first note I opened was from my brother in law in New Jersey.  It was about the Rabbi I had grown up with, Herbert Weiner.  He was very influential on me as a teenager, both by his presence and with the several inspiring books he wrote on Jewish Mysticism.  He had a light, a touch that I found inspiring.

The note I received upon my arriving in Jerusalem told of his death…and his funeral.  It was to be held tomorrow (now today) on a kibbutz just outside of Jerusalem!

Of course I went with Susan.  It was a simple service in a beautiful environment.

I was remembering that the last time I saw Rabbi Weiner was at my Mother’s funeral.  I played a melody at the gravesite that I had composed the day before.  He loved the music and spoke to me of the Jewish tradition of capturing someone’s being with a melody…and setting it free.  That notion has never strayed far.

Rabbi Weiner, sing on.  Dance on.  Thank you.  Rest in peace.

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