Becoming love…

Friday, September 21, 2012

Each stop on my tour seems to afford me another window to look out at our strange and wonderful world.

Trying to do my part…

This chapter of my life is full of generous hosts who are not only willing, but eager to share their lives with me.  ‘Here’, they say, ‘Look at this.  Look at this life we’re living.’

Folks who have chosen to throw their lot in with others and are living in cooperative communities.

Others who are struggling with jobs that don’t make sense except when it comes to paying the rent.  Some who might be losing their houses to the bank, but still they’re eager to host a house concert!

Single women who now prefer relationships with their dogs and/or cats to trying to share their homes with men.  (And they’ve never been happier!)

Families who are staring the corporate master in the eye, creating self sufficient farms.  Raising all their own food.  Vegetables, fruits, chickens, rabbits, honey, and on it goes.

Artists who live for their art, poor in money but rich in spirit.

A dear friend in Seattle who has figured out how to distribute all of the food from his local Trader Joe’s that would otherwise go to waste.

This Country of ours is chockfull of such stories… people who are thinking big thoughts about the present and the future.  Even with all the doubts and concerns that plague us in this time of fundamentalism and hatred, these folks are thinking about how they can help in our journey to a better world.

Trying to play my part, I’m carrying my love of music and my guitar everywhere I can.  What an honor to stand up in front of these folks, reaching for the universal energy and love.  Sharing the beauty I am blessed to see and here.  Somehow weaving all of these communities together, they fill my soul and become part of the songs and the sound.

Becoming love.

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