Getting Bad Habits from your Friends…

Monday, January 30, 2012

While trading songs over at Happy Traum’s house last month, we wound up with each other’s addictions.  No…not drugs.  Or drink.  I’m glad to say, that ship has long since sailed.  This was much more benign stuff

We were rehearsing when his wife, Jane, came home in a sparkling mood.  She was returning from her table tennis lesson and smiling ear to ear.  She told me that she and Happy have recenlty become players and they’re totally loving it.  That’s all they can think about.

And I was definitely intrigued.

sticky fingers

And then before I left, I told Happy and Jane that my wife and I have recently become addicted to a game on the IPhone (that I’m sure many of you know)…’Words with Friends’.  (The same game that got Alec Baldwin in trouble with the law when he couldn’t get himself to turn off when his plane was landing!

Happy and Jane wanted to play, so I set ’em up and got ’em started.  Within a few days, they were playing non-stop with each other, their family, their extended family and about half the town.  There was one game that Happy and I had goin’ where I saw he made a move at 3:30 AM.  This is not good, my friends.

And on my side, the more I thought about table tennis, the more the idea took hold.  Yesterday, I took my first lesson.  (An early birthday present from my wife).

Aw jeez…I’m hooked.  I can see it now.  I’m know I’m gonna wind up a table tennis geek having to buy my own paddle and join a table tennis club.  Before this is over, I’ll be having dreams about loose wrists and a quick backhand.

Last night, I found myself googling table tennis!   And, by the way, I discovered we’re not alone in this table tennis passion.  Barack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron of England recently played a game.  Susan Sarandon opened up a table tennis club in New York City.  And Puzzle Master Will Shortz did the same in Westchester.

So, my friends, let this be a warning.  Like your Mama told you…watch who you’re hanging out with.  You can pick up some bad habits.

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