John Sebastian joins in on the new record.

Friday, September 23, 2011

John came by the studio for a few hours today.  Brought his little dog who was remarkably well behaved and hardly said a word.  We humored him (the dog) by playing the recording of the song about my wire hair fox terrier.  Seemed to like it.

Anyhow, John started in on that classic autoharp of his and played a beautiful part on my ‘American Children’ song.  Gave it a sweet Appalachian vibe.  Gonna add some background vocals soon.

Then we moved on to some Duane Eddyisms on John’s baritone guitar bringing ‘Born Again American’ to life.  (No, I haven’t become a fundamentalist.  I just ready to reinvent what it means to be an American.  I’m just not ready to cede this great Country to the kooks.)

“Sometimes we take for granted all the beautiful things we got
I know it’s been a tough year, but we got a lot
Got good music, got good friends, I got you, and you got me
So come on let’s light it up for all the world to see
Born Again American.”

Friday night, Warren Bernhardt’s gonna come by to play Piano, synth and harmonium.  Really lookin’ forward to it.  Then the democratic rally on the Rondout in Kingston Saturday afternoon, Common Ground Coffeehouse in Hastings on the Hudson on Saturday evening and finally, Friends of the Clearwater on Pier 66 in Manhattan at noon on Sunday!

Hope to see some of ya’!

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