Journeys to love

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

No where to go…we’re here.

As I’m writing this, I’m 2,000 miles from home which makes me a bit different from most of you  And yet maybe…. not so much.  When we’re on the road long enough, we realize there’s a way in which all of us are out here.  All of us on a journey.

As the story goes, when God called Abraham, He told him that he had a journey in mind for him.  He never told him where (if anywhere) he was going.  It became more of a world view than a travel log.  And as we continue to live this way, the idea of home as a static place gradually becomes more and more elusive.  We transition slowly as things become metaphors, places become feelings.

To this day pilgrimages are part of every religion.  And each of those journeys represents an internal journey.

I’ve been traveling all around the Country singing my songs, sharing my truth and enjoying the generosity of folks who enjoy songs and who have wonderful stories of their own.

In all of our stories, our journeys, there is a quality of struggle, love, compassion, humor and, we hope, an occasional victory.  And if you notice, every true victory is a victory for love, belonging to no one and no place.

On we go my friends.  On we go.  As Ram Das wrote,  It’s ‘the only dance there is.’

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