Looking back, looking ahead…

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bakers are making cookies. Songsters are serving up their sweetest tunes. Gratitude and hope are the main course.

And now, with everyone winding up to wind down, let’s take a deep breath. 2011 has been full of challenges, heatbreak and…many wonderful surprises. Everyone seems to have played their part with gusto. I want you to know I feel honored to ride with you on our little blue and spinning orb. And for this miraculous creation altogether.

I just came across a video that someone created around a song I co-wrote with Candy Kugel from Buzzco (NYC). Although it’s specifically addressed to folks with aphasia, the message of compassion and tenderness is universal. You’ll find it here:

And like the song says, Everybody been sooo wasted…let’s dance!

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