My Israeli welcoming committee…

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Charlie & Janet Lerner

Janet and Charlie Lerner are a lovely couple of coconuts.  Charlie was originally Canadian and Janet grew up in Boston.  Shortly after getting married, they decided to make their lives in Israel.  That was 1972.  (a very good year, I might add).

When I asked Charlie, what was the deciding factor, he answered without delay…”I was sick of shoveling snow.”

While I’m sure that’s true, I know that embracing the challenge of life in Israel has given them great energy and a sense of purpose.  They surround themselves with all kinds of culture, including a deep involvement in folk music… which is, of course, how I met them.

Janet is a translator and Charlie an insurance broker who specializes in big industrial projects like insuring satellites.  That’s right, like the ones in outer space.

They raised their daughters in Israel…with triple citizenship!.  One now living in Israel, one in Miami.

Janet and Charlie have opened their home to Susan and me.  They’re hosting a house concert and showing us around Tel Aviv, as well.  This has been a truly lovely welcome to Israel.

Thank you…

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