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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

When I was attending Colgate University, Tim Hardin came to give a concert.  It was a duet performance with a gangly pianist named Warren Bernhardt.  I immediately bought the LP, ‘Tim Hardin Live at Town Hall’.  This music changed my life, altogether.  The subtle way he soulfully blended blues, jazz and folk seemed a miracle to me.

When I graduated I moved to Woodstock.  I had a record deal with RCA Records at the time.  Unfortunately however, there was a mass firing of folks working there and my project was canned.

I was devastated and quite sick of the music business and all the corporate shenanigans.  I ‘quit’ and bought myself a pickup truck.  I learned to split firewood and sell it.  I built stone walls and learned to help carpentry crews with my limited skills and energetic attitude.

One morning, I woke up feeling like I had been struck by lightning.  I knew what I wanted to do.  I told my wonderful girlfriend, Patty Goodyear, that I was going to lead a band that would be all about our little town.  No eyes to be an international star, just music that’d be about our community.  Music that the community would dance to and could claim as its own.

Then I met Tim.  I wound up living in his house and, when he left town, I gradually inherited several players from the band that had played Town Hall Live album.  Donald MacDonald, Warren Bernhardt, and several shows with Mike Manieri, as well.

Many of you have attended tens or perhaps hundreds of our local shows over the years as we’ve lived and grown together.

And then a couple months ago, Warren and I were rehearsing in his house, just the two of us.  He turned to me and said ‘We should record this, just like this’.  I felt that same bolt of lightning I had felt all those years ago.  Perfect way to complete the circle.

So now we’ve spent a couple days in Scott Petito’s NRS recording studio and recorded 11 songs, live, with no overdubs.  We played two of Tim’s tunes, Reason to Believe and Misty Roses.  A traditional blues, Careless Love.  My Song for Betty, a solo by Warren and six others that occurred to us.

Here’s a link to Misty Roses.  ‘Champions of Love’ is the name of the collection.

The CD is all heart.  Two men sharing.  An open book to our blessed lives as a singer and pianist, paying homage to the countless number of great folks that we’ve had the good fortune to know and love in our town.  And in this life altogether.

Warren and I are going to play the tunes from this CD and more at the Maverick Concert Hall on August 31.  Meanwhile, we’ll finish up the recording and figure out how we can share it with you.


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