Shabbat on the Roof.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Libi Libi trancing…

Driving through Tel Aviv.
Lost, then found
Susan and I arrive at the address for our Shabbat dinner

We make our way to the roof atop this five story building.
Kids running here and there.
As a DJ brings music to match our brain frequencies.
Alpha, Beta, Theta, etc.


Reefer, wine, dreams and imagination flow

The women light the candles as the sun sets
They, covering their faces, recite blessings,

Everybody’s flyin…

Invite joy and…
joy indeed arrives.

Delicious dinner evolves into music
Drums, flute, guitars singing
Chants come, and carry us to the heavens.

Everybody’s got a part of the Truth
(Let’s go for the heart of the truth)

And we do
With laughter and dancing
We find Shabbat on the roof.


Shifting focus, one reality to another…

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