Sounds alter as does the landscape

Saturday, December 29, 2012

winter, now.
sounds alter as does the landscape.
how i love this…
this season of meditation
this season of essense
leaving us in the open
wide open
to see the outlines
the bones of this world
we love so dearly

my lips are singing for your heart, forever beating, and counting the ways to come inside…

2012 was a violent bastard, testing everyone’s patience and breaking many hearts.  As we stared into the mirror of time and watched as the year grew the beard of a tired old man, we often hid from the sun, ignored the moon and watched helplessly as stars were diminished by our so called lights.  (also called light pollution).

So be it.  But the magic of the eternal present is that it’s willing to be eternally new.  In fact, not just willing, but insistent.  And if we don’t hide in the past or the future, we are, too.

The truth of our lives runs on this kind of clock.  A clock that invents time and shapes it however desire would have it.  Only question is, what is it we desire?

Posed by the rectangle guitar of Bo Diddley, ‘Who do you love?’

Joy wants to find a a playground in our hearts.  Will we let it in?

Now, as I write this, with snow coming down, I am reduced to prayer.  Or maybe… elevated to prayer.  I pray that we’re willing to be new in the new year.

The next few months, I will be singing my songs for folks in California, Florida, Texas, New York and Israel.  In house concerts, anti-fracking events, night clubs, folk clubs and music festivals.  I hope the songs ring true and with humility, and that the circles of friendship continue to grow.

I leave you with these lines from a song I recorded with my friend Betty MacDonald many years ago…  “My lips are singing for your heart, forever beating and counting the ways to come inside”

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