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Monday, April 2, 2012

On the Fracking Front…

No matter where I’m singing these days, I’m finding more and more folks are getting educated about the horrors of fracking.  They’re singing the No Fracking Way chorus louder and clearer every day.  Lots of Facebook groups are springing up from New York, Pennsylvania and all across the U.S.  Quite a few from overseas, as well.

But our responsibility here is far from over…Governor Cuomo promised us an independent health impact study of fracking, but it has mysteriously disappeared during budget negotiations.  Here’s a link to the Wall Street Journal article on this issue:

This study is essential.  How could they even think of letting this process loose on us without an independent study.  Especially with all the horrific anecdotal evidence that’s there for all who want to see:  Emotion vs Science in the Fracking

There’s so much at stake.  Please call the Governor.  Here’s a link to info on how:

In The Studio…

With help from John Sebastian, Happy Traum, Amy Fradon and more Woodstock friends..


If you’re a fan of my music and if you care about the issues I’m raising, here’s how you can support the music and help me continue to fight for these causes…

Buy a CD:

Sometime a Spark is mostly just me singing along with my Guild D40 about the things like our delicate environment, fighting fracking, and honoring our heroes…like Pete Seeger and Mohamed Bouazizi (from Tunisia).  This collection also includes a tune about my eccentric wire hair fox terrier ( and a couple love songs, as well.  One that Amy Fradon and I sing together. (

I’d like to thank Warren Bernhardt, John Sebastian, Happy Traum, Amy Fradon and Mike Esposito for joining me here and there on this recording.  There are also two songs with full rhythm sections that feature beautiful playing by Eric Parker, Eric Weissberg, Steve Gorn and Brahim Fribgane.

On The Road…

The West Coast has been a blast.  Juicy house concerts in Santa Cruz, Vancouver, Washington, Portland, Seattle and more.

Yup, it was a real garage…

I put together a trio with my son, Jeremy, on drums and Jesse Cafiero on bass for a group of mostly Burning Man folks in San Francisco, .  It was a blast… laryngitis and all.

Each of these shows is as different from the next as we are from each other. But the intention to appreciate the music and have a good time feels universal.  Coast to coast to coast.



I also just experienced Maui for the first time!  I performed one of my shows with a local band (put together with the help of my dear friend Jonathan Starr.)  I was interviewed for an hour and a half Manao radio (91.5) in addition to performing a radio concert of the same length with the band.


A wonderful freakin’ crew…

Maui is a land of contrasts.  Part of the island is the driest place on earth and another is the wettest.  The elevation goes from sea level to 10,000 feet!  It’s a paradise for growing food and yet they wind up importing 90% of its food.  This is primarily because sugar cane corporate farmers (descendants of missionaries) are ruling the roost.  And there is another devil in paradise…Monsanto is doing experiments on Maui!



All that being said, I have never experienced a more magical, delicious place.  Waterfalls and rainbows with such power and beauty it’s awe inspiring…

Heavens rain down on Maui. Your eyes are blessed as you wear a rainbow halo, standing beneath Alelele. The mighty waterfall that whispers in your ear as it thunders with the power of the gods. This is the Hawaii that makes you sing… Mahalo. Mahalo


I’m currently in Portland on my way to three shows in Seattle this weekend.  I’m a very lucky man…

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