What music can do…

Friday, January 6, 2012

When your body starts dancing, all the parts seem to get to know each other again.  Become one.  That’s what music can do.

When you’re walkin’ down the road and you’ve got a long way to go, a song can make the miles disappear.

Warm you up on a frigid afternoon.  Give your work rhythm and joy.  Bring you hope when your down.  Courage in the face of power.

Music2Life brochure

Having been a songwriter most of my life, I have written about each phase as I’ve passed through.  Curious, shy teen; psychedelicized  young adult; father and husband, to name a few.  And now that my kids are grown (with bands of their own), I’m reveling in every little thing about this life.  And I want my music to connect to it all.  Unify.  Sow the fragments together so that they recognize they are part of the same quilt.  And…beautiful.

That’s why it was particularly sweet to be recognized by Peter Yarrow’s Music@Life organization for creating music that makes a difference.

Thank you.  That’s exactly what I want to do.

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