Whatayawant? Huh? It’s summer.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Slow time.  Hazy mind.  Unwind.  Woof, woof days.

Time to quizz the moon and the stars about the blessing of the night lights.  And remember this is our season.

Our time to sweat, swim, let go and feel how precious (and absurd) it all is.  Time to feel our Mother turn.  The ocean roar.  Those cicadas sing.  The joy of cool water on a hot day.  Big.  Deep.

We’ve celebrated July as we should.  Evenings of passion, melody and rhythm , love and dancing.  Beautiful Woodstock women and men catching the waves from the band and sending’ ’em right back… double speed.

And it looks like more deliciousness for August.  Shows cookin’ around Ulster County including duets with Amy Fradon (Byrdcliffe Theater and Omega Institute), a band gig at the Emerson in Mt. Tremper, teaching songwriting at SommerSongs Songwriting Camp at the Ashokan Camp and some private parties to boot.

Then, a week long visit to the dream monster of Cape Cod.  (photo by Susan Black)

I wish you all a wonderful Summer and look forward to seeing you soon.  Some at the upcoming shows and all of you in my dreams.

ps… Last night, I dreamed I was hanging out with Paul Simon and I sang ‘The Boxer’ to him.  (oish!)

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