Where the sea meets the shore.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

There’s something about where the sea meets the shore.  Something so beautiful.  And alive.

Somehow, the mundane meets the dream and they dance, toying with their boundaries.  Beckoning us to go beyond the agreements we made at birth.  Beyond our  limitations.  The drudgery of maintaining who we think we are.

The waves poke jokes and make fun of the the sand.  Laughing.  Invading and receding.  The roar of the water, the flutter of the breeze sing all the while songs learned at childhood:

Santa Barbara coastline at play…

“You are on vacation.  From your house.  From your job.  From your mind.  We can stay like this forever, just you and me.”

The kids run like sandpipers.  The grown ups remember and feel the urge to believe once again.  All the while feeling the tug of the moon.

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