You Used to Think…

Thursday, June 6, 2013

When our earth was big and we were small
You didn’t have to worry ’bout nothin’ at all
Oh we were so free

Free to throw beer cans in the woods
our dogs could do their business wherever they could
Oh, that’s the life for me

we were so free
that’s the life for me

When big was the earth and small were we
Kids could play in the spray of the DDT
Oh…in the land of the brave and free

No building inspectors to slow us down
And we could smoke anywhere we wanted in town
Oh and now nobody’s even got a light

That ain’t right, that ain’t right
I can’t smoke and nobody’s got a light

And now they tell us, the flap of the wings of a butterfly
Create hurricanes of tears to cry
Oh, give me a break

All you bureaucrats and worry warts
who want to take my freedom and steal my shorts
Oh, you’re taxin’ me to the bone

That’s all wrong, that’s all wrong
My money’s gone, and your taxin’ me to the bone

Now I heard from someone you’re gonna take my gun
Replace my truck with an electric one
And Oh.. by the way, these seat belts are dumb

When the earth was big and we were small
God above took care of us all
Oh…and our women did the rest

That was the best,
When our women did the rest.
They were home and
They’d clean up the mess

Now they’re tellin’ me that we control the weather
And scouting’s for boy who wear pants of leather
Oh, what’s next

And it don’t make sense that we’re under attack
We even sent our boys to free Iraq
And Afganstan, and Pakistan, Viet Nam and several more places

I liked the game when we were king of the hill
But I’m pretty sure now I’ve had my fill

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