House Concerts

I believe this will be the decade of the house concert.  The beauty of these evenings is infectious.  They work for the artists and they work for the audiences in a unique way.  Once you’ve been to a house concert, you’ll probably want to host one of your own.

Jono Manson dropped into my set at a house concert in Santa Fe

Just invite over some folks (often, but not always, for a potluck) and tell them the evening is will feature a concert.  You can guide them to the artist website so that they can preview the music.

How Many?
The audiences of the house concerts I’ve played have ranged from 15 to 55.  It depends on how much space you’ve got, how many chairs you wanna put out and…how many folks you know who’d like to come.

How Much?
There is a recommended donation, usually $20 per person, but the price can vary in some situations.

The evening usually features two sets, so that folks can relax and mingle a bit more in between.  I also usually sell CD’s during this time.

Bottom line…these shows are totally delightful.  Folks come away feeling like they’ve experienced something special:

It was an amazing evening with an extraordinary performer. Marc Black is pure gold!  We come away feeling richer; not only from the joy we shared, but also for the thoughtful and profound energy his music brings.  We cannot thank him enough.  Idor Radysh, New York City

If you’d like to book a show, or it you have any questions, just drop us an email:

House concerts are joyful events:

Feelin' alright...

Feelin’ alright…




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