Asking the Woodstock Town Board to take a stand against hydro-fracking

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We are at one of the great turning points in our history. While fossil fuels have made the industrial revolution possible, yesterday’s resource has become today’s poison.

There are wars over supplies. Distortions of economies. And great dangers to our environment. The writing’s on the wall. It’s clear that we’re at the end of this era. And our ability to face this fact, adapt and adjust will determine whether we survive or not.

But now that it’s ending, at the eleventh hour, Hydro-fracking has entered the picture as one of the last ways to make a killing with fossil fuels. A last hurrah at the OK Corral, if you will. We hear things like, ‘It’s American. It could free us from our Oil Addiction’. And on and on.

All that may be true, but if you examine the environmental and health risks of this procedure, it makes no sense at all.

Hydro-fracking creates air pollution. Water pollution. There’s no way to deal with the waste. The New York Times recently ran an article suggesting that it may be causing earthquakes in Arkansas. Hundreds of people have already been driven from their homes, their water wells rendered useless. And many of the most deadly effects may not be evident for decades.

Consider how the unthinkable happened just two years ago to our worldwide financial system. I’d suggest that the same mentality is at work here in the Gas Industry. With every well, we are fostering the conditions for a complete collapse of our environment out of greed and shortsightedness.

As Thomas Friedman stated in his book, ‘Hot , Flat & Crowded’, the motto that we’ve been living by is ‘IBG,YBG…I’ll be gone. You’ll Be Gone.’

That’s just not good enough. Not good enough as Americans. Not good enough as guardians of our planet. And it’s not good enough for Woodstock, a town that prides itself in being forward thinking. Caring. Artistic with a spiritual bent.

Bare minimum, we have to let science lead the way. We have to resist the desperate mentality that says we have to do it…and we have to do it now. We all know that whenever someone’s rushing you into a deal, you’ll probably being suckered.

We can’t afford to be suckered this time. We have to stand up for decency. For our Country, our planet and our children. The current moratorium in New York State to stop hydro-fracking will end in July.

I’m here tonight to suggest that Woodstock to take an official stand, as many other towns in New York already have, against going ahead with hydro-fracking. This is simply the right thing to do. I believe anything less is unconscionable.

I don’t know the exact language or exactly what the procedure is. The hundreds of concerned citizens in Woodstock need your help to get this done.

Thank you.

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