Marc plays a finger style blues in the traditions of Mississippi Hurt and the great Tim Hardin.  A proud road warrior, he was inducted into the New York Chapter of the Blues Hall of Fame in June of 2014.  

Marc has performed and recorded with Art Garfunkel, Taj Mahal, Richie Havens, Rick Danko and Pete Seeger to name a few.  He was recently named Folk Artist of the Year on ABC Radio,  and a winner at the Kerrville Folk Festival.  Marc’s song, No Fracking Way, recorded with John Sebastian, has become a worldwide anthem for the movement.  His Pictures of the Highway CD has reached #6 on the Folk DJ Chart, and his youtube videos have been viewed more than 100,000 times!  He has been very involved in several campaigns for social and environmental justice, including his multimedia campaign, Sing for the Silenced and his current call for political engagementment, We Will Sing and Beat the Drum.

In the words of folk legend, Happy Traum, “Marc is a master at spreading the joy of music.”



Marc Black is an eclectic folk-rocker who deals with life, and all its social and political challenges…one song at a time.  Noted for his “timeless songs, deep grooves and excellent playing”,  Marc was inducted into the New York Chapter of the Blues Hall of Fame in June of 2014.

He’s performed and recorded with many luminaries including Art Garfunkel, Rick Danko, Richie Havens, Taj Mahal and Pete Seeger.  He was chosen by Levon Helm to play one of the Midnight Rambles and was recently named Folk Artist of the Year on ABC Radio.  As legendary folk artist, Happy Traum, put it, ‘Marc is a master…spreading the joy of music with story and song’.

Marc is currently working on a multi-media campaign to help folks who have been gagged by corporate bullying, called Sing for the Silenced.  But his song subjects range from his love for the New York Mets, to good coffee and just about everything in between.  His fingerstyle blues is reminiscent of Mississippi John Hurt and Lightnin’ Hopkins.  And his recent CD, Pictures of the Highway, reached #6 on the Folk DJ Chart.  One of Marc’s youtube videos, I Love You Rachel Maddow, has now been viewed more than 50,000 times.

Marc spends most of his time on the road— playing festivals, clubs, arts centers, libraries and house concerts.  He was  a finalist in the prestigious Grassy Hill Kerrville New Folk Competition.  Sometime a Spark, his song about Mohamed Bouazizi and the Arab Spring, caused an international stir that led to an interview on Tunisian State Radio.

While still in high school, his band, the Blades of Grass, reached the top forty and performed along side the biggest acts of the day including the Doors, Van Morrison and Neil Diamond. He has since recorded more than a dozen CDs including one ‘pick hit’ in Billboard Magazine and another that was recognized as a ‘minor masterpiece’ by famed music producer John Hammond Sr.

In the 1980s, Marc won the American Library Association Award for Best Children’s Album for producing American Children, a collaboration with such talented artists as Richie Havens, Taj Mahal and Maria Muldaur.  ASCAP has featured Marc in performance at the Sundance Film Festival and several of his Youtube videos have been viewed more than 50,000 times!

Over the past couple of years, he’s occasionally turned to a more topical songwriting style.  One tune, No Fracking Way – recorded with John Sebastian and Eric Weissberg (of “Dueling Banjos” fame), and some 100 Woodstock, NY citizens — has been sung at rallies as far away as South Africa, Ireland and Australia.


Born Again American

I’ll Be Gone


Move Up To The Country

While I’m Standing


Deep grooves, excellent playing, top notch guitar and vocals–Marc’s songs are timeless. – Happy Traum

It was an amazing evening.  Marc Black is pure gold.  We came away feeling richer.  Not only from the joy we shared, but also from the thoughtful, profound energy his music brings.  We cannot thank him enough. – Ihor Radish, Musicon4 Concerts

Marc’s song, ‘I Love You Rachel Maddow’, was one of my two favorite songs of the year – John Sebastian

Marc’s music is intelligent and musical.  His live shows are always fresh, natural and extremely entertaining.  That’s why he’s played the Towne Crier dozens of times. – Phil Ciganer

Marc Black carves something beautiful out of life’s rawest emotions. – Brian Hollander, Woodstock Times

I love your music.  You’re part of the family now. – James Reilley, Psalm Salon

Just him and his old guitar and a speaker, the old t-shirt and jeans and cool sneakers and old white hat…and pure creativity is rolling off him like water – Rice, Notes from the Voodoo Cafe

You are a keeper of the spirit of our time, circling around us with song.  The entire room was entranced. – Lynn Duvall, Joshua’s Cafe

We think he is one of our biggest discoveries.   Marc can – and should – be an international superstar,” – Paul Sedkowski, ABC Radio’s Famegames

His songs are great and his singing is superb. – Paul Winter


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