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Stroke of Genius

The Stroke of Genius program has helped hundreds of stroke survivors with self acceptance and as well as with encouragement to continue their recovery.  Marc sings the songs that he and stroke survivor, Dan Mountain, composed.  And Dan leads by example, as this film/music presentation depicts his return from near death.   Many health professionals have also told us what a powerful reminder it has been for them, as well.  A reminder of each patient’s uniqueness and their limitless potential.

Marc’s two hour presentation includes a half hour of original songs composed by Marc and Dan.  This is followed by a 51 minute film that introduces who Dan was before the stroke and then traces his way back from the abyss.  The final part of the program is a question and answer period, which is always fascinating as the film tends to bring up lots of feelings.

National Stroke Association CEO, Jim Baranski, wrote, “Amazing…I am so excited about about what we can do for all the survivors in this Country. It’s time to give them the dignity they so deserve.

You might enjoy this video on the making of the Stroke of Genius CD, which was the first part of this creative endeavor…

Dan Mountain  was a legendary creative writer in advertising.  He suffered a massive stroke from which his doctors gave him a “zero chance of meaningful recovery.” Twenty one days in a coma, they pulled life support. That’s when Dan woke up.

Feeling like a stranger in his “new world”, he wrote poems that his friend, Marc Black, put to music and recorded with the help of such musical luminaries as Art Garfunkel, John Sebastian, Steve Gaad and the Dixie Hummingbirds.

Inspired by hearing the Stoke of Genius CD and by meeting Dan Mountain, filmmaker Bahman Soltani created an inspiring and insightful documentary of the same name. It expresses both the fragility of life and the resilience of the human spirit.

And now, Mr. Black has brought it all together in this memorable presentation.

Concerning the cost of the program, we make every effort to work within your financial parameters.  Bottom line is…we want to share this material whenever and wherever possible.
Marc also composed the theme song for a very successful 17 minute video on aphasia:
It’s Still Me

Some reaction to the program:

“The Stroke of Genius project is music and film that mirrors what so many go through.  It does indeed change the hearts and spirits of people who are together in the aftermath of stroke offering hope and inspiration.  As founder of the Aphasia Center of West Texas, I, along with our entire organization, can attest first-hand to the need for this project to travel the Country.”  Kathryn Shelley, Founder, Aphasia Center of West Texas

“Stroke of Genius is a testament to the power of hope and the resilience of the human spirit.”  Jerry Kaplan, Speech Pathologist, Boston University

“It’s so intimate.  Your left brain channeled Dan’s right brain.”  Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, stroke survivor and author of My Stroke of Insight

“I found myself covered with goose bumps as the story unfolded.  Amazing.”  Janice Mulligan, close friend of a stroke survivor

Some reaction to the music, itself:

“This CD is not just a collection of songs. It’s an album…and I love it. “ – Boston Globe

“This is a beautiful record. And the story is so powerful, Gorgeous sounding.” – Louise Coogan, WFUV radio

“You will not add a more unique disc to your collection than Stroke of Genius.” – Music News Nashville

“An album of hope..”– Sing Out Magazine>

“There are fourteen tracks that feel like a two act play, with seven songs on each side of this tale of before and after. Music and lyrics are a perfect fit, and most of the tunes have simple arrangements that let the soul of the music shine through. Marc Black is a musical adventurer, stretching effortlessly between techno-funk jams and classic Americana.” – JAY SPICCA, Chronogram

Here’s a two minute trailer to the film:

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