High noon, sun over head, all in full bloom. (its all downhill from here)

Monday, June 20, 2016

In the summer of 1973, I was living the simplest of lives.  Sleeping in a barn with hay on the ground, a sleeping bag, tamboura, guitar, rocking chair, my dog and a copy of the IChing which I read cover to cover.

I came across the hexagram that is symbolized by the sun being directly overhead and all power on full display.  When I then read the warning to not be blinded by the light, but rather to be aware that this was the beginning of the growing darkness, I felt a lightening bolt shoot through me.  It was a lesson I have never forgotten.  A lesson that becomes more real to me every day.

Impermanence is king.  And indeed, it is impermanence that makes our lives, experiences, friends and loved ones so precious.  Let me say it now while I can…  I love you and I’m so, so grateful for this world of ours.

This World of Mine:  http://bit.ly/ThisWorldOfMineSFTS


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