Let the winds of renewal blow. The trumpets of love sing out. This is our time.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sandy announced her arrival days in advance, threatening to blow us away. And this was no bluff.

She danced up the coast with a tropical beat, met two early arriving, winter monsters, swallowed them and moved on with even greater ferocity. She curled into the gut of our Country, the Mid-Atlantic, as no storm ever has in my lifetime.

Terrifying and beautiful…

Sandy took us on, wiping away our cockiness in about two minutes. She grabbed huge swaths of beach and reclaimed them for the seas. Sent flood waters into Ground Zero. Turned our great auto and train tunnels into rivers that raged with monstrous ferocity, striking fear into the hearts of all who bore witness.

Terrifying and beautiful. Sandy has helped us see anew.

Sandy to all of us… “When the noise of your electricity is gone, you will remember the silence of the wind, the depth of your mind.”

And all of us to Sandy… “Let us live.”

And when the rains let up and mighty winds subsided, we were damaged but somehow closer to our Mother than before. Shaken, quietly mending old sweaters for the grandmothers and grandfathers to wear in the coming winter.

My two cents:

We would do well to remember this Iroquois teaching:

“In all our deliberations, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation. Even if it means our skin need be as thick as the bark of the pine tree.”

Our rush for carbon based energy, and our materialist addictions, have driven us to fall far short from the purview of this beautiful incantation, this call for compassion, unity and honor. And we have precious little time to correct that shortfall.

Let the winds of renewal blow. And the trumpets of love sing out. This is our time.

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