Sing for the Silenced

Marc Black - Sing for The Silenced
Join me in the Sing for the Silenced project

Sing for the silenced
Sing for the weak
Sing for the silenced
That the silenced might speak
For the downtrodden
Sing for those in chains
Sing for the silenced
That the silenced might be free to sing again

Can you imagine somebody ruining your land, bringing disease to your home and then offering you money in exchange for your entire family’s promise to never talk about it?  (and yes, that includes your kids).  Well, that’s what Big Gas is doing..

That’s why I wrote the song, ‘Sing for the Silenced’.  And that’s why we’re dedicated to putting so much effort into this campaign.  This is how things are as of today…

1 – We’ve completed a mostly live CD that also features John Sebastian, Happy Traum, Peter Schikele, and the EarthTones.  You can hear and download it right now! Just click on this address and go to the store:

2 – We’re offering an opportunity to experience what fracking is for yourself by hosting a one day bus tour through areas that have been particularly hard hit by fracking  It will take place on Sunday, July 19 and will include music, speechifying and a puppet show from the top of the bus.  For information, you can email me at

3 - We’ve made tee shirts with original artwork by Woodstock’s own Joan Elliot.

4 – We’re going make the basic track to our studio version of Sing for the Silenced available so that folks can create their own recording.  We’ll then host a Youtube channel to host other people’s versions of the Sing for the Silenced show.

I hope you’ll want to join us!  Our Sing for the Silenced website should be operational within a week or so at


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