Life…One song at a time.


If you’re interested in presenting a performer who lives his art, Marc’s Life…One song at a time will interest you.  This program is touching and personal, while over flowing with humor and good feeling.  His songs are presented in the context of a very personal guitar and vocal style, following in the musical traditions of Mississippi Hurt, Tim Hardin and Ray Charles.

Wearing a shirt given to me by an audience member

When Marc writes a song, it’s not because he needs material for a show or a recording…it’s because he wants to express his feelings about something or someone in his life.  Sometimes serious, other times humorous, but always genuine.

He writes about political issues like hydro-fracking.  His love of good coffee.  Rachel Maddow.  His beloved NY Mets.  The challenges a close friend recovering from a cataclysmic stroke.  His niece’s wedding.

The range of the subjects may be quite wide.  But the quality is always high.  Marc is a rare wordsmith who has the knack of tackling difficult subjects and leaving the audience feeling good about themselves.

Marc has been playing the same Guild D40 guitar since he bought it new in 1968!  It’s well worn and full of tunes, anecdotes and tall tales.  He holds up his guitar like a mirror and uses it like a dowser.  But instead of seeking water, he’s looking to share his truth.

Life…One Song At A Time is an American story.  The musings of one dreamer who is true to himself, his family, and his community.

A wake up call that makes you feel like dancing.  Or, as Marc is fond of saying,  ”I’d like this show to remind us that we don’t have to believe everything we think.”

Jamming with Pete Seeger at an outdoor rally

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