Life…One song at a time.


Life…One song at a time is an all American, rollicking confessional.  Marc’s songs are presented with a unique and personal style.  And although Marc, himself, has been inducted into the NY Chapter of the Blues Hall of Fame,  he’d be the first to tell you that he’s just following the example of the folks he considers to be true masters.  Folks like Mississippi Hurt, Tim Hardin and Ray Charles.

DSC_1036Once you hear Marc’s songs, you can tell right away that they spring spontaneously from his life.  Sometimes serious, other times humorous, always genuine.

And that’s true whether they’re about his love of good coffee, his crush on Rachel Maddow, or his beloved NY Mets.  Could be a love song or a stripped down blues… somehow they all fit together like a colorful, story filled tapestry.

As Happy Traum put it, ‘Marc is a master at spreading the joy of music’.  He’s that rare performer who has a knack for taking the audience on a journey and leaving them feeling good all over.

In every show he’s accompanied by Claudette, his Guild D40, since 1968.  She’s well worn and full of tunes, anecdotes and tall tales.  And the music they create is delicious.

This is a show that will wake you right up.  Or, as Marc is fond of saying,  “I want to leave ’em dancing… body, mind and spirit.”

me with pete seeger

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