Production & Scoring

The audio on your commercial or film is its emotional context.  The deeper and clearer it is, the more powerfully will your message be communicated.  This is the Black Market mantra.

And now, when most folks are getting deeper into midi, Black Market Music, while employing midi elements, is creating most of its scores by fostering creative situations with world class players.  And getting great results.

That has led to their winning both the Mobius and the London International Advertising Competition for Best Original Music.  They’ve also won kudos for their CD productions from Billboard and Rolling Stone Magazine.  Although players from Woodstock, NY are often featured, they often travel thousands of miles to get just the right musicians…with just the right tone.

Black Market scores sound different because they are different.  Their record productions have charted and ranged in style from ambient experimental to folk to indie-rock.  And their composers have had music placements on shows like ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Sex in the City‘.   Their organic approach creates music that breathes deeply…and brings your film to life!

Black Market is available for TV commercials, features and short films.  Here are a few spots:
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