Boppa Chua!

Boppa Chua!

A History of the 1950’s and 60’s through Popular Song

Marc Black, NY Blues Hall of Fame inductee, will be your guide for a trip through those memorable and colorful decades, joyfully woven together in song.  This two person show is a multi-media and multi-dimensional presentation in song, storytelling and plenty of laughter.  From bobby socks, through the space race, and on to civil rights and classic rock, audiences have found this show to be entertaining, inspirational and even a bit educational.  Songs as diverse as Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka-dot Bikini and Blowin’ in the Wind lead to spontaneous singing springing up all around the theater.

Marc’s history includes his high school band, The Blades of Grass, hitting the top forty and touring with the Doors and Van Morrison as well as his recording and performing with the likes of Art Garfunkel, Taj Mahal and Richie Havens.  He embodies the confidence and originality that comes from his lifelong dedication to his craft.  And to bring this exciting show altogether, his wife, Susan,  has created a unique visual presentation that perfectly complements Marc’s music filled storytelling.

Together, Susan and Marc (along with Claudette, Marc’s guitar for more than 4 decades) travel  the world and light up the stage night after night with the pure joy of music and memories.  Always leaving the audience feeling great about where we’ve been… and where we are.

‘Marc is a cultural historian with a guitar, as smart and savvy as he is entertaining.’  Artistic director, Derin Tanya, Woodstock Kleinert/James Art Center

‘Marc transported all of us back in time with his amazing  voice, his guitar wizardry, funny stories and heartfelt insights.’  Tom O’Brien, board of Directors Lagond Music School, Mount Kisco, NY

‘Marc is a terrific musician and a great storyteller.  Probably the best musical history program I’ve ever seen… and a remarkable reminder of American value and resilience.’  Tom Charles Junior, Princeton University Library, Princeton NJ

‘The man is a magician.  We all rolled home still under his spell.’  Bram Lewis, Schoohouse Theater, Croton Falls, NY