Sing for the silenced, that the silenced might be free to sing again

― Marc Black

Love anoints my head with joy till my cup overflows

— Marc Black

Find goodness in the planting we've laid deep into the earth

- Marc Black

My face is burning my back is freezing
And turning only turns my trouble around

― Marc Black

With every breath I raise a prayer
Love and joy have followed me here

― Marc Black

Marc Black

Being a songwriter is not just something  that I do, it's who I am.  It's how I’ve tried to make sense of my world since I was a teenager, writing and recording songs for my high school sweetheart.  That led to making a record and doing shows with The Doors, Neil Diamond and Van Morrison when I was just 18

From that point on, I’ve enjoyed so many adventures following the music through folk, blues, funk, experimental soundscapes, and scoring film.  But in the end, it seems I always come back to Claudette, that sweet hunk of wood I’ve been carrying around with me for 50 years.  (She’s a Guild D40)
It seemed perfectly natural that now, sequestered for a year, Claudette and I would record an album at home… Everybody Wants My Hat.  There’s something unique about playing and/or recording at home.  At the same time its both lonely and delightful.
This recording has given me the opportunity to express the love and joy I feel for my family altogether and my granddaughter, Lola Simone, in particular.  These songs express my hopes for the future as well as the concerns so many of us share.
But now I’m just thinking about getting back.  Back to the way things were.  Back to playing on the road.  Then again, you never get back to where you’ve been.  You always get back to where you’re going. 


We are singers and musicians from the different part of the world united to make wonderful music experiences for everyone in the world.

Sigur Ros

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Sigur Ros

Sigur Ros

Sigur Ros

The Guitarist

Pink Floyd

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Jimmy Van

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 I hope to see you there.
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Friday, May 24. 7 pm

Colony Cafe

Marc Black Band


New York

July 14

New Gloucester Public Library (in the Gazebo)

Marc Black solo

New Gloucester


July 16

Camden Public Library

Boppa Chua! Marc Black's History of the 1950's and 60's Through Popular Song



July 20, 2024

Cushing and Thomaston Libraries

Growing up in the Woodstock Generation



Boppa Chua!!


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Marc Black is pure gold.  We came away feeling richer.  Not only from the joy we shared, but also from the thoughtful, profound energy his music brings.  We cannot thank him enough.

— Ihor Radish, Musicon4 Concerts

Marc’s song, ‘I Love You Rachel Maddow’, was one of my two favorite songs of the year

— John Sebastian

Marc’s music is intelligent and musical.  His live shows are always fresh, natural and extremely entertaining.  That’s why he’s played the Towne Crier dozens of times.

— Phil Ciganer

Marc Black carves something beautiful out of life’s rawest emotions.

— JD Goldsmith, Pulse Magazine

Just him and his old guitar and a speaker, the old t-shirt and jeans and cool sneakers and old white hat…and pure creativity is rolling off him like water

— Ross Rice, Notes from the Voodoo Cafe

You are a keeper of the spirit of our time, circling around us with song.  The entire room was entranced.

— Lynn Duvall

Marc can – and should – be an international superstar

— Paul Sedkowski, ABC Radio’s Famegames

His songs are great and his singing is superb.

— Paul Winter

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